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Monk Fruit

Clinically proven to have benefits to the immune system and Inflammation.

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Clinically proven to help reduce fatigue.


Clinically proven to support liver health

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Monk Fruit (Luo Han) gets its name from the Buddhist Monks who first used it. During the time of the Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD), Guilin was a common destination for Buddhist monks in pursuit of enlightenment. These monks were known as Arhats in India, and Luo Han in China.

As the monks meditated and lived on the misty mountains of Guilin, they encountered a fruit they prized and cultivated for its sweetness and healing properties. They were the first to brew healing tonics using the fruit and developed basic farming techniques to ensure the fruit’s survival. “Luo Han Guo,” as it is called in China, literally means “Monk Fruit” and to this day, the legend lives on in its name.

It is a natural sweetener with many health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer effects, promoting heart and liver health and reducing fatigue.*

Monk fruit (Siraitia grosvenorii), or Luo han guo, is a fruit native to southeast Asia and a member of the gourd (Cucurbitaceae) family.