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Kosher Certification

Gensavis Pharmaceuticals, LLC products are under strict Orthodox Kosher supervision by Rav Zushe Blech of the EarthKosher Kosher Certification Agency.

Rav Zushe Blech who resides in Monsey, New York is a world recognized authority on Kosher certification and the author of the definitive work on the subject entitled Kosher Food Production published by Blackwell now in its second edition. Rav Blech formerly the Mid-West Regional Director or the Orthodox Union for 14 years and having served as a consultant to every significant Kosher certification agency in North American, Israel and Europe now serves as EarthKosher’s Rav Hamachshir (Rabbinic Authority) and insures that the products under its certification meet the highest national and international Kosher standards.

If you have any further questions or concerns kindly contact Rav Blech via the EarthKosher website.

To see a PDF of our Kosher certificate please click the image.