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Liquid iron supplement

There are many liquid iron supplements to choose from but which one is the best? Ultimately, only your medical professional can help you make the proper decision and we strongly recommend you speak to them before taking any dietary supplement like NovaFerrum.

Liquid Iron with Folic Acid for Pregnant Women

Folic acid is typically added to liquid iron to help in absorption. Our liquid iron with Folic Acid is available by prescription only. Contact your doctor if you suspect you are showing symptoms of iron deficiency. Only a qualified medical professional will be able to properly diagnose iron deficiency, iron deficiency anemia, or any other physical ailment.

Sugar Free Iron Supplements and Their Benefits

Some liquid irons use sugars, dyes, alcohol, gluten, and other ingredients to improve the taste of their iron, which has a reputation for having an unpleasant taste. Other iron supplements like NovaFerrum are sugar free and taste great!